What is AR Plate ?

Compared to traditional menus, diners using AR Plate can see the food in Plate and can also see correct portion size and visualize ingredients.


Allow your customers to view all the dishes on your menu through smart devices, increasing customer engagement.


Inform your customers about portion size and ingredients, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Provides an exceptional up-sell opportunity by showing main dishes served along with drinks, side dishes and dessert combinations.


Improving visibility

Augmented reality restaurant menus can be customized to show information about each dish, such as 360 degree visualizations, details of ingredients used, portion sizes, calorie and nutrition info etc.


Restaurants can use AR food menus to directly market specials, discounts, happy hours etc. to the customers.


AR food menus can also help restaurants sell more items. Apps can be programmed to suggest ideal complements to selected dishes such as appetizer, beverage, dessert combos, etc.

Improve customer engagement

AR food apps can be customized to display a wealth of content on demand. 

AR is an opportunity

We want to create something that has the potential to revolutionize whole Food Industry. We implement 3 Steps process to make your MENU Digital

3D Models of Food

Our Team will click photos of your Food and will make 3D Models of all the items in your Restraunt

Android App

Our Team will make Android App for the restaurant in which all 3D Models will be shown to user using Augmented Reality

AR Menu on Phone

Users can interact with 3D Models on the Phoneand can interact with it, diners can see real life models of Food.

A Concept Video

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