The use of augmented reality has spread across many sectors in recent years. One of the areas of where this technology can find a potential use is the hospitality industry. Nowadays, POS and other information systems rapidly facilitate the management and operation in restaurants. However, rarely technologies are used to improve the traditional menu to make them easy to understand by users.

AugMenu introduces an augmented reality application for restaurant’s menus to bring it to life. In this App, all the items on the menu are visualized as image and text content and displayed in an augmented reality way. By holding a smartphone or tablets, user can browser the specific menu item by taping on it. Also, social tools are implemented in this app. Users can easily get others comments about the dishes by using the built-in search tool and share their preferences via the facebook tool.

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the more recent trends in restaurant marketing and we’re seeing exciting examples of its application popping up all over the world. Having an Augmented Reality App for the restaurant helps you engage more customers, add more value and bring more revenue by transforming conventional traditional paper based menu system. Diners coming to the restaurants can have interactive dining experience with the help of AR app. Besides, a multi-media menu allows them to see ingredients and nutritional information for any menu item in the form of 3D images. This in turn helps you develop and implement unique marketing executions and elevate your business to reach new possibilities.

We understand that there is no doubt that aroma, taste and cuisine are the main “ingredients” of a restaurant, but at the same time these aspects cannot alone guarantee the success of a restaurant business. However with the implementation of ingenious techniques like augmented reality, one could predict to succeed by increasing the customer base of the business. The restaurants can benefit immensely if they embrace this technology to provide consumers with an intuitive experience.


  • Login to the App with restaurant credentials
  • Browse menu in AR by pointing on the restaurant logo or printed menu.
  • Location based service for restaurant based on GPS.
  • View the dietary information of the food on the menu
  • View macro-nutrient information, ingredients, and serving size
  • View food ratings and rate the food .
  • Search food item
  • Take photo with your favourite dish.
  • Facebook/Instagram Sharing.
  • Language option.
  • Gamification of menus.
  • Mobile coupons
  • Feedback & Reviews

Content Management:

  • Upload restaurant menu data
  • Registration and login page for each restaurants
  • Restaurant owners to take high resolution photographs of food and to send to AugMenu server for upload.
  • Upload restaurant address, images, etc.
  • Upload menu – menus, category, items, etc. with images.
  • Upload food item description, price, ingredients, videos, etc.
  • Database to store rating data, feedback and reviews.
  • Report Generation with Analytics
    • Report for each menu for each category and item
    • Order report
    • Best seller item, best catergory by order, etc.
    • Notifications based on events.
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